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Tourism of Moldova visual brand identity




A proposed visual brand identity to be used by Tourism of Moldova

goals, task and constraints

Moldova is a small country with a poor awareness. There are no unique animals, no exotic beaches, there is no Eiffel Tower, so as other world-acclaimed objects, that could serve as a tourist attraction by default. There is an urge for a flexible and effective visual language, that is a perfect fit to what Moldova has to offer as a tourist destination.


People, mamaliga, and wine. Most of the times, visitors would be offered house made wine and mamaliga — a traditional dish made of corn flour and served with soft cheese. Accompanied by sincere hospitality, this is a central essence of the country.

meet yellow!

Yellow. Colour of the sunrise, corn flour that is used for making mamaliga, sunflower colour, one of the tricolor colours. Yellow is best at translating warmth and good intentions, is associated with south and delivers hope.

one typeface, for a straightforward communication

Because of the fact that there is a low awareness about Moldova, there is a need in a bold and straightforward communication. This is a small southern country that needs a bold typeface. Specifically for this project, was designed Molda Bold — a bespoke typeface that is a modern interpretation of the old letterforms. Typeface contains alternate comma, that repeats geographical contours of the country.

brand block, pictograms

Brand awareness is achieved through the extensive use of yellow and of a largely set brand typeface. As a static brand block we're using a piece of type set in all caps, in the bottom left corner, for instance: Visit Moldova, Moldova Store, Welcome to Moldova. This is a flexible way of developing sub-brends.


Moldova store — thinking of souvenirs

All official souvenirs shall be selected according to their benefit to the end user as a tourist. Durable enamel mug, tea pot, bag — are a few examples of such objects. All designs are branded with yellow and do carry contextual copy lines.

promo materials

Tourist welcome brochure is designed in an informative way, containing largely inaccessible information: emergency numbers, main aspects of local legislation and others. Having this type of information at hand makes you feel safer and results in increased trip satisfaction.

other applications

Country representatives on the international fairs are dressed in official costumes, made using key brand elements: yellow colour and white type elements, serving as a pattern. It follows the brand, without focusing on exact messages.

photography direction

Live, simple, spontaneous, close to documentary photography, that speak to the audience their language. Unusual and emotional scenes are welcomed. Use of renders and overly-edited photographs is strictly prohibited.

Image courtesy of Purcari & Bostavan wineries


visual guidelines

Foundation, key starting points, visual brand guidelines and use suggestions are laid out in one document, that has to be revised and extended according to the changing environment and new tasks.



Brand typeface is best used across horizontal media formats. At the same time, if used with smart copy — regular vertical formats could also be used. In especially small scale, alternate comma could be used as a static symbol.

project includes

Visual brand identity, souvenirs, promo materials, brochure, costume design, guidelines, bespoke typeface design, social media


Balaban Mariana, Purcari & Bostavan Wineries


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