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Gates of Moldova promo materials




Among many ways you can approach making official souvenirs on a national theme, there are few that are both modern and carry an emotional connection to the place. Using theme Gates of Moldova as a starting point, there is a need for a visual solution, that could be scaled across various medias.

visual direction

Gates of the capital, hence Gates of Moldova, is a name usually attributed to an architectural piece in the northern part of the Chisinau. But Moldova is made of hundreds small villages and towns, which makes us seek visual clues inside that context. If we take a closer look at the rural houses of Moldova, we will find unique ornaments finished in metal, and placed on the main gates of almost any private house in the countryside. We've used these clues as that basis for visual communication.


From a variety of ornaments were selected most distinctive ones, and traced in original composition.

design elements

This result was then used across all design objects, trying to keep them under the overall visual brand identity of Moldova.

project includes

Visual direction, souvenirs, outdoor advertising, stamp design

Visual brand identities
& brand communications

Visual brand identities
& brand communications