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Molda Bold typeface design




Typeface was aimed to serve as part of the visual brand identity of tourist Moldova. Since there is a weak awareness of Moldova being a tourist destination, there is a need for a strong and straightforward visual communication. One of the means of achieving this is to use bold, large typeface and simple copy. Moldova is small — it needs a bold typeface. This was used as a starting point.

Фрагмент банкноты номиналом 5 леев, 1992-го года выпуска


Typeface is based on the letterforms sourced from the old Moldavian money, dated 1992. I've tried to stick to the original stylistic elements and proportions. Wide, bold typeface, that communicates both tradition and modernity. Typeface contains alternate glyphs, that have a direct visual connection with the geographical location of Moldova.


Typeface contains a set of ligatures: fl, ft, fi, fj, fk, fb, and fh.

accent glyphs

At the moment, Molda Bold supports languages from the latin group, including Romanian. Future language extensions would depend on the type and availability of feedback.

alternate glyphs

In the process of working on the typeface, experimenting with form and willing to increase visual metaphor of it being a bold typeface for a small country — alternate comma was made, which follows the geographical contours of Moldova.


Standard set of arabic numbers from zero to nine.

punctuation marks

Most frequent punctuation marks are included, such as: comma, colon, semicolon, exclamation and question marks, and more.

size suggestions

Typeface is aimed at large scale and is loosing legibility if used smaller than 90pt.

in use

Due to the distinctive letterforms, a plain copy line obtains enough character and visual expression, in order to be remembered.

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Bespoke typeface


All the curators of the SVA Type as Language course, year 2014: James Montalbano, Daniel Rhatigan, Tobias Frere-Jones, Jessica Hische, for their guidence and help in making this happen.


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